Printed brochures can still glean actions

Soumyadip Ghosal | March 14, 2019

All who think brochure printing is passé, think again. In this age of constant marketing flux, while we strive to stand out and make a difference, printing a stack of colorful brochures is still very much relevant in this digital age. Call it an ice-breaker for starting communications or simply a catalog of products/services and ideas to communicate that you mean business. Brochures have been around for decades now and as we watch the market, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  

But I have a website and Instagram!

Of course, any present-day organization will have their corporate website and a bunch of social media to showcase products and stir up conversations. But what makes printed brochures standout is the fact that most others believe they are faded! A meticulously designed brochure, printed to perfection can evoke more than just emotions, they evoke actions.

Succinct messages delivered with vibrant printed pictures can say a thousand words.  They standout because most other people are not using them. So, it says that you as a brand want to go the extra mile to establish your business. Brochures can be a great tool to represent your company’s personality. A new trick in the game is, using your brochures to drive traffic to your corporate website. Yet another advantage is the fact that while reading a brochure people will seldom get distracted by ads or notifications unlike when consuming similar information in social media. It’s a real thing people can touch and feel and carry them to store in a drawer or under files. This also ensures prospect generation long after an event is over or concluding a pitch.

But what about the cost?

Many believe brochures are expensive. But they can be highly reasonable. One can print several brochures for less than the price of a couple of movie tickets. Double the amount and it can get cheaper than that! You get a relevant piece of marketing tool that stays in front of your prospect’s nose with undivided attention for an extended period, for less than what a burger costs at your nearby café!  A large order with some smart printing techniques from a reputable print shop can offer brochures at a very reasonable rate.

What about the environment?

Printing can be environmentally friendly! As one of the biggest printing companies in the world, we strive to be a green organization. Environment is a top priority for all of ARC’s print shops. We work together with our vendors and suppliers to reduce resource consumption and strive to make our production practices more environmentally sound. ARC recycles the materials to conserve energy, reduce landfill waste and to reduce the pressure on forests and trees. Check out our page for more details on ARC’s green initiative.

In conclusion, it’s about striking the right balance between technology and print-based marketing to ensure your company’s carbon footprint stays low. As technology devices also drain a lot of resources.

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