Preserve, Protect, and Access: Professional Legal Document Scanning Services

Law firms are often required to store a large volume of case-related information or data on a regular basis. This consumes a huge amount of space as well as lessens the productivity of employees when they need to go through piles of paper documents to find specific information. The ability to quickly retrieve specific data when it is required is the key to success for a law firm. Our legal document scanning solutions digitize paper documents into digital format, index them, and store them for quick accessibility while ensuring the utmost security of confidential information.

Whether you require a one-time bulk scanning service or ongoing scanning solutions for digitizing all your legal documents, we can help you in the best way. ARC India has been ruling in this scanning industry for more than 10 years and we have gained experience working with various law firms and legal departments to facilitate the conversion and management of legal paper documents.

We, at ARC India, work with government agencies, law firms, and educational institutions to scan and convert sensitive information into digital data ensuring their highest security and quick accessibility from anywhere at any time. Our scanning team utilizes state-of-the-art scanning tools and security measures to convert documents with utmost precision, clarity, and security. We are committed to providing 100% security for our customers’ confidential data and to ensure this we leave no stone unturned.

Scanning and converting files into digitized format can significantly reduce the manual handling of papers, transfer, and sharing daily basis. Spending time rummaging through stacks of papers and cabinets leads to a loss of productivity, time, and money. Digitization not only saves time but also improves productivity, workflow management and initiates better collaboration between departments in a smooth way.

Key Benefits of Legal Document Scanning:

  • Office space-saving
  • Eliminates the storage costs
  • Instant access to case files from anywhere anytime
  • Improved productivity by ensuring better team collaboration and access to information
  • Substantial time-saving with easy and fast search

For us, no project is too large or too small, we do not only scan all your legal documents but we also digitize all your administrative files like HR and Accounting.

Here are the Crucial Steps of Our Legal Document Scanning Service

  1. We barcode the legal documents for inventory control and then we seal and transport them to one of our scanning facilities
  2. We prepare the entire records for scanning
  3. We scan the patient documents while capturing all the images in digital format
  4. Scanned images are thoroughly checked to ensure the optimal clarity and completeness
  5. All the hard copy documents are returned to the customer after reassembling
  6. We also offer certified document destruction
  7. Our team process the scanned images into a final deliverable format that is compatible with most litigation support applications (including batch load files, file naming, and folder structuring)
  8. Finally, we encrypt the deliverable images and transfer them to the customers (via SkySite, SFTP, Thumb Drive, or CD/DVD)

Bulk Document Scanning Service

We ensure the utmost safety for your documents and information. Check the workflow below to understand how our document scanning team keeps a highly secure chain of custody.


Document Audit


Inventory and secure
seal documents at
customers sites


Secure transport of
documents to the
archiving center


Inventory and Confirm sealed boxes at our Archiving center


Secured and
surveilled storage


Prepare documents in
secure environment


Scan documents, data
encrypted at rest


Document indexing and
data normalization


quality review


Image processing
and OCR


Image and data migration,
encrypted at all times




Secure transport of
documents, return to


Document Destruction
at our facility

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Document Scanning Service Types

We offer several types of document scanning services:

  • Large format scanning services

    When it comes to ensuring better collaboration and easier access, any business can leverage our large format scanning services to convert all their large format documents into digital information.

  • Medical and Record scanning services

    Our team of highly proficient and experienced document scanning experts leaves no stones unturned to turn your patients’ health information into instantly searchable and accessible digital information so that you can streamline a seamless medical record management system.

Other optional services and add-ons

  • Indexing
  • Searchable OCR
  • Shredding
  • Data on DVD or hard drive
  • Upload to client's own portal
  • Custom batch uploads


Legal document scanning involves the process of converting physical legal documents, such as contracts, court filings, case files, and other legal records, into digital formats.

Legal document scanning offers several benefits, including management of legal documents, improved accessibility and searchability, enhanced collaboration among legal teams, reduced physical storage space requirements, and enhanced document security and disaster recovery capabilities.

Yes, legal document scanning can be performed on various types of legal documents, including contracts, agreements, court pleadings, case files, depositions, discovery documents, legal correspondence etc.

The most common file formats used for scanning legal documents include PDF, TIFF.

Yes, we do indexing along with scanning that provides quick searchability.