Accelerate your healthcare system with Medical Records Scanning services

Medical records always require to be preserved safely in order to ensure seamless workflow management. By embracing the technology of Document management solutions for healthcare, it is easier to keep medical records for a long time safely in one centralized format that provides quick accessibility and sharing. At ARC India, we digitize medical records, index them, and archive to ensure better security, quick accessibility, and easy sharing from any place, at any time via the mobile platform.

Our team of scanners holds expertise in Scanning and indexing medical records into instantly searchable format with the help of OCR technology that ensures the security of patients’ data and other medical records so that they don’t get lost, damaged, or degrade over a period of time or due to any natural disaster. Very often, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies face data breaching in various forms such as unauthorized access to patient medical records, medical identity theft from criminal hackers, and so on.

At ARC India, we understand your concerns and requirements properly and ensure to provide the best Electronic medical record scanning with our highly advanced scanning and indexing tools. Not only this, but we also store all medical records in one centralized format for quick data retrieval and shredding ensuring 100% security from data breaching. We are equipped to manage and store a wide array of health details that include cine films, sensitive medical records, pathology slides, radiology films, fetal monitoring strips, and paraffin blocks. We give our best efforts to ensure that your highly sensitive digital data remains safe and preserved within a suitable environmental condition.

Time to Know How We Provide Medical Document Scanning-

We follow these steps for document scanning :

  1. We barcode the medical records for inventory control and then we seal and transport them to one of our document scanning centers
  2. We prepare the entire records for scanning
  3. We scan the patient documents while capturing all the images in digital forma
  4. Scanned images are thoroughly checked to ensure the optimal clarity and completeness
  5. All the hard copy documents are returned to the customer after reassembling
  6. We also offer certified document destruction
  7. Our team process the scanned images into a final deliverable format
  8. Finally, we encrypt the deliverable images and transfer them to the customers (via SkySite, SFTP, Thumb Drive, or CD/DVD) so that the customer can upload them to their existing EMR system

Bulk Document Scanning Service

We ensure the utmost safety for your documents and information. Check the workflow below to understand how our document scanning team keeps a highly secure chain of custody.

Document Audit


Inventory and secure
seal documents at
customers sites


Secure transport of
documents to the
archiving center


Inventory and Confirm
sealed boxes at
our Archiving center


Secured and
surveilled storage


Prepare documents in
secure environment


Scan documents, data
encrypted at rest


Document indexing and
data normalization


quality review


Image processing
and OCR


Image and data migration,
encrypted at all times




Secure transport of
documents, return to


Document Destruction
at our facility

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Types of Document Scanning Services

We offer multiple types of document scanning services

  • Legal Document scanning

    Our legal document scanning solution enables you to save storage costs and space by digitizing all your legal and business documents. Our document scanning service promotes a clutter-less paper-free environment for your organization.

  • Large format scanning services

    When it comes to ensuring better collaboration and easier access, any business can leverage our large format scanning services to convert all their large format documents into digital information.

Other optional services and add-ons

  • Indexing
  • Searchable OCR
  • Shredding
  • Data on DVD or hard drive
  • Upload to client’s own portal
  • Custom batch uploads


Medical record scanning offers a number of benefits that include easy accessibility, improved efficiency, space and cost saving, utmost security to medical data, and so on.

Yes, we provide bulk document scanning services. In fact, we offer huge discounts on bulk requirements.

At ARC India, we scan medical records and index them in various ways to make them easily searchable by using medical record numbers, patient names, date of visit, and other identifiers.

At ARC India, we ensure 100% security of your scanned medical documents and prevent unauthorized access to patient’s data. We digitize files and store them in one centralized dashboard so that they don’t get lost, damaged, or degraded due to any reason.