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If you require high-quality printing, but your core business is not based on printing, come to us. We, at ARC India, offer customized managed print services to cater to your specific requirements. Managed print service is not all about analyzing your organization’s workflows and processes, but we also take care of your entire printing requirements – from supplies, printers, paper, and toner to everything. We will help you in minimizing your waste, save money, and focus on your core business objectives.

We, at ARC India, help in improvising the print infrastructure of an organization without requiring any capital investment. Under this process, printers are deployed on the client’s site on a quarterly, half-yearly, or annual rent basis to best suit their requirements. Here we aim at offering customized managed print solutions to go well with the organization’s unique printing environment. Our expert team of professionals takes care of all aspects of your print infrastructure, right from software, and hardware management to ongoing maintenance and support. We leverage the most advanced printing technology along with a holistic approach to deliver cost-effective printing solutions to meet your specific business requirements.

With ARC’s managed print services, you will get the privilege of experiencing a hassle-free printing operation while improving productivity and reducing costs. Our expert professionals do a thorough assessment of your current printing requirements and identify the areas where improvement and strategic approach needs to be implemented. Our managed printing service incorporates print fleet management that includes ongoing monitoring of printers, procurement, deployment, identifying malfunctioning devices, and so on.


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Simple 3-step print management system

Managed print service isn’t just about managing printers. Our sniffer software will track everything related to print activities, printers on the network, their output, supplies and support. We will help you visualize how people and processes merge around your company’s print behaviour helping you optimize print expenses and save more.

Print audit

Our sniffer helps us audit and analyse your print behaviour, output and track supplies.

Develop print infrastructure

We offer brand neutral print environment for optimum print quality at low costs for your needs.

Save time and costs

Get visibility of your print expenses so that you can control your document processes and costs.

Benefits of ARC Managed Print Services

Eliminate hidden cost

Our Abacus software helps you track and capture all your print costs to offer complete visibility of all your print expenses.

Improve productivity

ARC’s print management system takes care of ordering print supplies, administering invoices and managing requests.

Predictable pricing

No more surprises at the month end. Managed print services offer complete visibility of your expenditure.

One vendor, one invoice

Order devices, services and consumables from a single vendor so your team doesn’t need to process too many invoices.

Employee to printer ratio

Most companies have employee-to-printer ratio of 1:4 that raises costs. We help create the right ratio, to print less, save more.

Low energy bills, big savings

Lower your carbon footprint with optimized number of fleets. Save energy bills with suitable modern equipment.

ARC™ Managed Print Services for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

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From hospitals and universities to restaurants, hotels, and AEC companies, we provide print and document management solutions for all industries and deliver remarkable results every step of the way

Recover hidden print cost with Managed Print Services

1-3% of a company’s annual revenue is spent on print related activities. Have you ever thought of tracking these expenses? Managed Print Services from ARC helps you take control of unnecessary expenses and reducing clutter.

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Managed print service is the process of outsourcing the print infrastructure of an organization to a third-party service provider. It includes various aspects such as optimization, assessment, and ongoing monitoring of various print devices, ink, toner, and supplies to ensure smooth workflow management.

There are some benefits associated with managed print service that include cost savings through print infrastructure, improved document security, reduced environmental impact, better control over documents, and increased productivity.

Our managed print service provider conduct a thorough assessment of your organization’s printing infrastructure to understand your existing printing environment that includes usage patterns, device, and costs. They use different types of software tools, conduct periodical interviews, and analyse the areas where improvement is required.

Yes, your organization’s information or data is completely secured with our managed print solutions. We ensure the highest security of your information and prevent unauthorized access to your company’s confidential data.

Yes, it is possible to estimate the cost of managed print service. On our website, you will get a print calculator where you can calculate the approx. cost estimation of managed print service.