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LED Acrylic Signage: Know How It's Done

  • Materials: Utilizing high-quality materials, our neon LED signage is crafted for durability and longevity.
  • Customization: ARC India offers unparalleled LED signage customization options, bringing your vision to life with precision and innovation
  • LED Technology: Integrated with energy-efficient LED technology, our signage provides vibrant illumination while minimizing power consumption.
  • Design Options: Choose from a wide range of design options to suit your aesthetic preferences and branding requirements.
  • Size Options: Available in various sizes to accommodate different spaces and display needs, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.
  • Installation: Easy to install with included mounting hardware, our neon LED signage can be quickly set up for immediate use.

How do ACP Signages Help with Business Promotion?

ACP LED sign boards are designed to act as a silent salesperson who works round the clock to grab people’s attention while establishing visual communication with the target audience. You can either place them in high-traffic areas or near your business location to expand your customer reach. These signages not only attract the eyeballs of potential customers but also enhance the brand’s presence, fostering a sense of trust and familiarity.


ACP boards are weather-resistant as well as highly durable, making them an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor usage.


ACP boards are known for their versatility and multiple applications. They can easily be cut, bent, or resized as per the requirement to create different signages such as 3D structures, illuminated LED signs etc.

Aesthetic appeal

The sleek and modern look of these ACP sign boards creates an aesthetic appeal to amplify the brand presence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Neon LED Signage?

Neon LED signage combines the classic aesthetic appeal of traditional neon signs with the energy efficiency and versatility of LED technology, offering vibrant illumination for various applications.

Are Neon LED Signs suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, many Neon LED signs are designed for outdoor use, and constructed with weather-resistant materials to withstand various outdoor conditions.

How long do Neon LED Signs last?

Neon LED signs are known for their longevity. With proper maintenance and care, they can last for many years, providing continuous illumination for your business or space.

Are Neon LED Signs safe to use?

Yes, Neon LED signs are safe when installed and used properly. They produce minimal heat and are constructed with safety features to prevent electrical hazards.

Can I use Neon LED Signs for interior decoration?

Absolutely! Neon LED signs are versatile and can be used for interior decoration in homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, bars, and more, adding a unique and stylish touch to any space.