braille signage
braille signage

Braille signs - Guiding every step

At ARC India, we understand, every business is different and so are their requirements. Here, we offer custom-printed braille signs, catering to your specific business requirements. From color, text size to graphics design, you can make your own choice to represent your brand in the most innovative way. No matter whether it is an office or any commercial store, we provide location specific braille office signs, commercial metal signs and ada braille exit signs to make the path seamless for all types of people.

Why choose ARC India?

Expertise in design

ARC India holds a wealth of expertise in designing braille signages. Our team of design experts understands the requirements of braille signages and ensure utmost precision with clarity. We prioritize creating an inclusive experience for the individuals with visual impairments.

Cutting-edge technology

We evolve the most advanced form of printing technology to create braille signages that not only stand out in terms of quality but also durability. Our technology claims to provide precise and high quality braille signages.

Comprehensive compliance

ARC India goes beyond just braille signages. We offer a comprehensive range of printing solutions that offer compliance consultation. Our team is well-aware of the local as well as international accessibility regulations and there guide businesses in respect of intricacy compliance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are braille signages used for?

Braille signages are used mainly in public places that include train stations, airports, hotels. Hospitals, government buildings etc people gather. Braille signages provide important information to visually impaired people.

How are braille signages designed?

These braille signages are designed following a few important guidelines such as space, height, color contrast etc. that should comply with the accessibility standard of a particular region or country.

What type of materials are used for braille signages?

At ARC India, We make braille signages for installing them in both indoor and outdoor places. Our signages are made of premium quality aluminum, stainless steel and high-impactful plastics that have the capability to withstand any type of weather condition.

How can my business benefit from braille signage printing?

When your brand chooses to print braille signage which is going to be installed in public places, it will create a positive impression on people and establish your business as a socially responsible brand.

What type of printing technology is used in preparing these braille signages?

At ARC India, we use the highest quality printing technology for preparing these braille signages that last longer and do not fade away.