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Large wall graphics - Redefine your workplace with visual stories

You walk into an office and you get to see stunning wall graphics instead of the same and old sterile walls that look dull and unattractive. Redefine your walls with vibrant colors, designs and high quality images that clearly depict the story of your brand. This is the punch of wall graphics which is turning business spaces into a visual landscape. At ARC India, we are teamed up with expert graphics designers and high-quality printers that transform one’s imagination into a tangible reality. For any businesses, making a visual presence plays an important role that leaves a signature mark in customers’ mind and with large wall graphics, it is easier to create a strong presence while reaching out to the target audience base.

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Redefine your brand with visually striking large wall graphics

First impressions always count. A killer looking wall graphics can take your brand to a new height of promotion.From making a brand unforgettable to reshaping the environment of a place, large wall graphics do wonders in today’s business landscape. It is like visual storytelling which will not just flaunt your brand name and logo but also it will create an aura, a vibe and reflect an elegance which will leave an ever-lasting mark in the minds of customers. There is no other better option than bold and vibrant visual wall graphics.

At ARC India, we are backed by expert wall graphics designers and world-class printing technology that makes us capable of delivering visually striking and inspiring large wall graphics, transforming a workspace into a creative haven. It increases employee productivity while breaking the monotonous gray. In today’s world, where people’s attention matters a lot, business should focus on creating something unique that grabs customers’ attention at once. Large wall graphics create a realistic experience and represent an idea in a tangible way. Afterall, it’s not just an art, it is a strategy.

Why choose ARC India for large wall graphics?

Striking design

At ARC India, we create visually appealing and vibrant large wall graphics,turning your dull walls into a captivating landscape. The beauty of wall graphics is that it can be tailored as per your design concept.

High quality printer

We, at ARC India are equipped with world-class printers that create unparalleled and customizable designs, representing a brand in the most innovative and unique way.

Quick turnaround

We understand the value of time and so we ensure timely delivery of work no matter what. Our main focus is to deliver fast results without compromising on quality.

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What are large wall graphics?

Large wall graphics are custom designed artworks that are directly applied on walls, transforming a space into a visually striking and personalized place.

How long do these large wall graphics last?

High quality large wall graphics last for a prolonged time if it is well-maintained.

Can large wall graphics be customized to fit into a specific space?

Yes, the sizes of large wall graphics can be customized to fit into a specific space.

Are large wall graphics suitable for commercial spaces?

Yes, large wall graphics are suitable for all types of retail and commercial spaces.

How large graphics are installed?

Installation of large wall graphics can be done in a hassle-free way. Just apply adhesive or use any type of peel-and-stick technology to align the graphics as per the available space and thereby ensure a smooth and seamless finish.