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Convert all your paper documents into digitized format with ARC’s document scanning services and get instant access to digital data. Scan, simplify and succeed: Enhance your business expertise with our Document Scanning Solutions. For any organization, information, and documents are important to streamline business operations. But keeping paper documents in a decentralized format not only limit spaces but also reduce the value of information. Embrace the power of ARC’s advanced document scanning solutions that transform paper documents into a digitized format that offers quick access to any specific data at any time anywhere in just a few clicks.

Why choose ARC’s digital scanning services?

Digitizing documents and storing them in a centralized cloud-based platform not only provides quick access to data from mobile devices but also ensures data security against sudden loss, damage, or degradation. Backed by our expert team of scanners, we will assist you with an easy document retention strategy, quick searchability, and effective document scanning plans to take your business further.

Our file scanning services help to make your business operations smooth and super convenient by transforming paper documents into a digital file format that provides quick accessibility and easy sharing from any place anytime. With our advanced OCR scanning technology, you can search any specific file with just keywords and that takes only a few seconds. Therefore, there is no need to spend hours finding any specific data as ARC can save a considerable amount of time and money for your organization.

We, at ARC India, offer technology-enabled scanning solutions that make it easier to find digitized data just by entering keywords and this takes only a few seconds. The entire process is convenient and less time-consuming, which helps to save time, money, and employee productivity. Once you embrace this technology, you will discover the power of digitization.

One of the main reasons for adopting digitization is that it provides quick accessibility to data at anytime anywhere from mobile devices. Companies that keep information on paper need to spend hours finding specific data from piles of paper documents and this leads to loss of productivity. Our bulk scanning services make it easier to scan by box and store data in one centralized format for quick accessibility.

Physical documents are more vulnerable to damage or loss due to natural disasters or social engineering like emergencies. Our document scanning service not only digitizes data but also ensures its optimum security so that it doesn’t get lost, damaged, or degraded over a period of time or due to a natural disaster. Our scanning and indexing services transform all your paper documents into easily searchable and accessible data by storing them in a safe and secured cloud-based centralized dashboard.

When you can save a considerable amount of space by digitizing paper documents into electronic files, you can save a lot of money, resources, and productivity as well. It frees up space that can be utilized for more important purposes other than document storage. Moreover, searching for physical documents is a labor-intensive thing. Document digitization makes the document retrieval process quick and convenient through advanced scanning features that save valuable time and productivity that results in cost savings in the long run.

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Regardless of the size or the quality, we make the document scanning process simplified.

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How does our document scanning process work?

We follow a few simple steps to complete our scanning process in the most convenient way

Document Audit, Inventory and secure, Inventory and Confirm

We barcode large-size documents for ensuring their utmost safety, and then we seal them and transport them to one of the scanning centers.

Secured and surveilled storage

We prepare all documents before scanning by removing staples and pins.

Prepare documents in secure environment

We scan documents using our most advanced scanning devices that capture all data in digital format,

Scan documents, data encryption

Our expert team of scanners does strict quality checks of each scanned document to ensure their optimal clarity and readability.

Document indexing and data normalization

Once scanning is done, all paper documents are reassembled to return to the customer's place.

Document quality review

If our client requests for document shredding, we do it under the supervision of expert scanners.

Image processing and OCR

Our team goes through all scanned images into final deliverable format ensuring their optimum clarity and readability. Along with this, we also index files by entering file names and folder structuring.

Document re-assembly, secure transport of documents

We deliver scanned data to our customers via Skysite accessibility, SFTP, Thumb drive, CD, or DVD.

Low-Risk Document Scanning Solution

Switch to a paperless workplace with ARC’s cutting edge document scanning solutions. Ensure the security of digitized data and get instant access to information in just a few clicks.

Try Scan by the Box

Scan by the box with our bulk document scanning service

At ARC India, we ensure the utmost safety of our customers’ documents because we consider them as assets for a business. Here is a brief description of the workflow to understand how our document scanning team maintains a secure chain of custody.

Guaranteed accuracy

We are an ISO-certified organization equipped with the most advanced and latest scanning tools that extract data in second ensuring the highest data accuracy and authenticity.

Fast turnaround

Backed by a highly efficient team of scanners and advanced scanning tools, we have the capacity to scan and digitize 10 million documents per month based on customers’ requirements.

Affordable price

At ARC Document, we understand the market scenario and offer competitive market prices on bulk scanning services. Whether you have a small business or large business setup, scanning by box gives you the flexibility to digitize documents in just a few minutes.

Document Scanning Service Types


Legal Document scanning services

In today’s age, most court systems are relying on digital filing because it saves their time, space, and productivity. Legal documents require optimum security and with document scanning, we ensure optimum security of legal data and prevent them from getting lost, damaged, or degraded over time. If your law firm still has not embraced this system, this is high time for you to turn all your paper-based documents into a digitized format for quick accessibility and easy sharing from the mobile phone.

Large format document scanning

Large-size documents like maps, blueprints, and drawings occupy a huge amount of space in tubes, drawers, and cabinets. Searching through large-size documents to find specific data is a time-consuming procedure as well as a frustrating job. ARC’s large format scanning transforms all oversized documents into a digitized format and indexes them with file names for quick access by entering only keywords.

Medical record scanning

We scan medical records and store them in a cloud server ensuring only authorized users can access them. By converting medical records into digital format, you can save up to 80% of your space that you can utilize for other purposes. This helps in improving the productivity of medical staff as they don’t need to spend hours finding physical data. Digitization ensures smooth and consistent workflow management which is required in every sector.



Document scanning is the process of converting paper documents into digital format and storing them in a cloud server for quick accessibility, better security, and instant sharing. It helps in reducing storage costs and prevents them from getting lost or damaged due to any emergency.

If you have a large number of documents to be scanned, contact ARC Document Solutions India to get it done in a seamless manner and that too at an affordable price rate. We are one of the leading scanning companies in India, offering all types of scanning services from small format, and large format scanning to archival and indexing of digitized data, we have got you covered.

Yes, scanning documents with ARC Document Solutions India is completely safe as we follow strict security control protocols and labeled scanning boxes with barcodes for inventory control to ensure the confidentiality of documents and prevent unauthorized access.

The purpose of document scanning is to gain easy access to share, store, and secure critical data from unauthorized access. This helps to save both time and money. At ARC Document Solutions, we provide archiving solutions along with document scanning. This plays an important role in a record management system. It provides an invaluable layer of security for your files, documents, and records.

The full form of OCR is Optical character recognition. It is a kind of scanning technology that identifies alphanumeric characters and converts them into a machine-readable format. In short, it turns scanned information into readable information. This plays an important role in indexing documents and makes them easily searchable in just a few clicks.

Once your documents are scanned, they are stored in a secured cloud drive which makes it easy to retrieve data in seconds using the search commands or file names from any device.

At ARC Document Solutions India, we scan all types of documents such as business documents, legal documents, architectural drawings, medical records, patient data, financial documents, etc. We take every project seriously and give our best efforts to deliver quality output to our customers.

Offsite scanning is a process where the scanning experts will reach your site with all the scanning devices and transform paper documents into digital format maintaining 100% confidentiality of documents. Once the scanning is done, all your scanned documents will be delivered to your secured cloud drive and the paper documents will be handed over to you.

At ARC Documents Solutions India, we scan all large format documents like engineering blueprints. We have the most advanced form of scanning devices that makes old crinkly blueprints and maps look much better than the originals that gradually degrade over a period of time.

Yes, we provide bulk document scanning services. Even we offer attractive discounts on bulk order submissions.