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From Monochrome to Masterpiece: ColorJet Printing Excellence Shines

ARC India has Stunning color perfection in all products, with amazing results. The offered product line is in high demand in the industry because of its high performance and quick drying capabilities.

Powder Playground: ARC India’s Color Jet Printing starts with a fine powder base, spread layer by layer to build your design in 3D.
Color Injection: Precise inkjet heads selectively bind the powder with vibrant colored agents, bringing your design to life.
Solid Foundation: Each layer fuses, solidifying your creation into a stunning and durable full-color masterpiece. (This implies post-processing for strengthening)

Why is ARC India the leader in 3d printing construction?

Cutting-edge technology

At ARC India, we evolve the best 3d printer for architects that allow builders and architects to stay ahead of the industry trends by offering advanced construction solutions to clients.

Experience and expertise

Our team of experts holds years of experience and expertise in executing 3d printing projects, from small scale to large-scale architectural and constructional structures.

Customized solutions

By evolving the best 3d printer in construction, ARC India offers customized solutions to transform unique and innovative design concepts into reality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Colour Jet printing?

Colour Jet printing is a way to print pictures and words in color by spraying tiny drops of ink onto paper.  It’s an ongoing process that provides with quality image. It’s a popular method for making everything from school projects to business reports look vibrant and colorful.

How do Colour Jet printers work?

These printers use a small head that moves back and forth over the paper, spraying ink from tiny nozzles. The printer mixes four basic ink colors—cyan (blue-green), magenta (pink-red), yellow, and black—to make all the other colors you see on the printed page.

Why should I use Colour Jet printing?

It is ideal for printing colorful photographs and documents from home or the office, providing both convenience and quality. Furthermore, ARC India works on a variety of papers and other surfaces, making it both versatile and visually appealing.

What should I watch out for with Colour Jet printers?

Remember that the ink can be expensive, and the prints might need protection from water or fading. Also, the printer needs regular checks to keep it working smoothly, like cleaning the nozzles to avoid clogs.

How do I make my Colour Jet prints last longer?

To appear professional, we utilize high-quality ink and paper. If you have exceptional prints, consider framing or laminating them.