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3d Printed Injection Mold

3D printed injection molds are a revolutionary alternative to traditional metal molds, created using 3D printing technology. ARC provides unrivaled support for 3D-printed injection molds, revolutionizing quick prototyping and low-volume production. Our sophisticated technology effortlessly blends 3D printing techniques to produce precise and long-lasting injection molds, shortening product development cycles. Take advantage of low-cost, agile solutions that cater to your company’s changing needs. ARC’s commitment to innovation ensures that B2B clients receive a streamlined procedure, shorter lead times, and superior quality in their injection molding projects. Increase your manufacturing capacity by leveraging ARC’s expertise in smoothly combining 3D printing and injection molding for efficient and tailored B2B solutions.

Why choose ARC India for Vacuum Casting Services?

ARC India focuses on providing high-quality services that yield results. Vacuum casting is a technique in which a master created using Stereolithography (SLA) is placed in an enclosed box. Liquid silicone is poured over this artwork. Once the liquid silicone has set, the mould is carefully sliced from the center to form two halves. Once completed, the master is removed and a material entry gate point is installed. This leaves us with a silicone mould that can produce a small batch of a few pieces of the master by pouring a material of our choosing.
We create the master using an extremely accurate industrial-grade SLA machine. Once printed, it is analyzed to detect any dimensional deviations. After that, it is sanded to remove any lines left behind from the 3D printing process.

ARC India is one of India’s best vacuum casting service suppliers, offering fast timeframes and cheap pricing.

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How do vacuum casting machines work?

The Vacuum Casting machine employs a vacuum to transfer liquid resin (such as ABS/PP) into a silicone mould. The resin is then cured in a heating chamber. Flashes and excess material are then eliminated to make the finished sculpture.

How many volumes can be created with a single mold?

Depending on how intricate the geometry is, 15-20 quantities can be produced.

Why select vacuum casting?

Vacuum casting is a quick and efficient way to make high-quality prototypes in materials that are equal to injection-molded components.

What is the maximum size of a product that can be made using vacuum casting?

Any part with a construction volume of 1 m x 1 m x 1 m and a particular thickness can be made.