scanning and archiving services

ARC helps its customers to convert physical document copies to get digitized with the help of scanning, archival & indexing services to increase productivity. We offer on-site & off-site services based on individual customer requirements. Lets get started with talking to our experts now.

scanning and archiving services

How can you achieve organized archiving that makes good business sense?

For choosing the right document archival, you must keep accessibility in mind. A secure document management system that offers accessibility to time-critical documents can be crucial especially for auditing and taxation purposes. If a document storage system does not do that, it can be a massive waste of time and a huge headache for your business. However, lucky for you, there are local specialists ready and available to take care of your document archival.

Digital Archival for Enterprise Customers

ARC offers digital archival for enterprise customers, with scalable support. Our in-built intelligence system makes your scanned documents searchable and shareable. You can find information in scanned documents and images with the help of our award-winning OCR technology that enables lighting fast search. Moreover, you can assign document types with retention timelines and retention managers to receive automated notifications when it’s time act on old files.

Here are the advantages of choosing a cloud-based document storage system

At ARC India, we ensure the utmost safety of our customers’ documents because we consider them as assets for a business. Here is a brief description of the workflow to understand how our document scanning team maintains a secure chain of custody.

Cloud-Based Archive Information

Using a cloud-based archive information management system will enhance efficiency and security by managing your records, giving you peace of mind of remaining compliant and having your information secure.

Automated Tools

There are automated tools available with software that can help effectively classify and organize your business records with defensible disposal. That way you know which ones need to be done away with at what time and won’t waste your company’s bandwidth.

Digital Document

Effective digital document archival will also reduce your storage costs while ensuring that archived documents remain easily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What services does ARC Document Solutions offer?

ARC Document Solutions provides a wide range of printing and document management solutions, including architectural printing, reprographics, scanning, document management software, and managed print services.

How can I place an order with ARC Document Solutions?

You can place an order with ARC Document Solutions by visiting our website, submitting an order online, or contacting our customer service team directly.

Does ARC Document Solutions offer international shipping?

Yes, ARC Document Solutions offers international shipping services to cater to our global clientele. We ensure timely delivery of your orders to any location worldwide.

Can ARC Document Solutions handle large-scale printing projects?

Absolutely! ARC Document Solutions specializes in handling large-scale printing projects along with bulk orders, such as architectural plans, engineering drawings, and marketing collateral, with precision and efficiency.

What types of industries does ARC Document Solutions serve?

ARC Document Solutions serves a diverse range of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, real estate, retail, healthcare, and education, among others.

Does ARC Document Solutions offer digital document management solutions?

Yes, ARC Document Solutions provides digital document management solutions, including document scanning, indexing, archiving, and retrieval services, to help streamline your workflow and enhance productivity.

How can I get technical support or assistance from ARC Document Solutions?

You can reach out to our technical support team for assistance with any printing or document management-related issues by contacting our customer service hotline, sending an email, or utilizing our live chat support feature on our website.