Custom Made Lanyards: Wear Your Identity, Not Just A Lanyard

Consider wearing something that others will gaze at for a long time, causing them to ask you questions. Custom-made lanyards are an excellent way to promote your business or group. They are excellent tradeshow and conference giveaways because they are both inexpensive and beneficial to recipients. They can also secure the safekeeping of crucial materials such as tickets or access cards during festivals, symposiums, and other large events. Their most common application is as identification card holders in businesses and organizations. Whatever your requirements are, our numerous custom lanyard styles and add-ons are sure to fulfill them. We can provide company lanyards in quantities as small as 25 or as high as 100,000. With the help of our convenient 3-step design service, these may be generated fast and easily. Lanyard card holder can be printed in a variety of base colors, with background patterns and gradients customized. We also give you the option of including your logo and text in the typeface of your choice. For the Lanyard that you want, simply make sure to choose the proper thing, and the work will be completed before the deadline. Our employees work around the clock to meet your needs with the highest quality.

Reasons to choose ARC India

With our custom-made lanyards, you may achieve a new level of distinction. Customize your identity by seamlessly combining security and style for a truly distinctive touch.

Affordable Options

In addition to our dedication to excellence, we recognize the necessity of striking the proper balance between quality and price. That is why we provide bulk purchasing options, allowing you to enjoy excellent deals on your orders.

The Best in the Industry

To ensure that every product is of the greatest quality, our team of talented specialists uses only the finest materials and the most advanced manufacturing procedures. Trust us to realize your visions and exceed your expectati

High-Quality Results

We are committed to delivering results that are nothing short of spectacular. Our stringent quality control process ensures that every product meets our exacting requirements. We go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction with company lanyards.


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What makes custom-made lanyards a popular choice for businesses?

Custom-made lanyards offer businesses a unique and professional way to represent their brand. They can be personalized with company logos, colors, and slogans, serving as effective promotional tools at events and creating a cohesive corporate identity.

How can I order custom-made lanyards for my company?

Ordering custom-made lanyards for your company is easy. Simply visit our website, choose the lanyard style, upload your design, select the quantity, and proceed to checkout. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless ordering process and you can always order in bulk.

What materials are commonly used in the production of custom-made lanyards?

Custom-made lanyards are often crafted from durable materials such as polyester, and nylon, or eco-friendly options like recycled PET. These materials ensure longevity, comfort, and a high-quality appearance for your company lanyards.

Can I get a sample of the custom-made lanyard before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we offer samples of our custom-made lanyards. You can order a sample to inspect the quality, feel the material, and ensure that the design meets your expectations before making a larger purchase for your company.

Are there any restrictions on the design or color options for custom-made lanyards?

No, there are generally no strict restrictions on design or color options for custom-made lanyards. You can choose from a wide range of colors and include intricate designs, logos, or text to create a lanyard that perfectly represents your company.

How long does it take to receive custom-made lanyards after placing an order?

The production time for custom-made lanyards varies depending on the quantity and complexity of the order. Typically, orders are processed within a few business days, and shipping times vary based on your location. We provide estimated delivery dates during the checkout process for your convenience.