How managed print services help you save cost

Soumyadip Ghosal | March 6, 2019

Managed print services offered by print management companies help you take control of your printing process and save cost. You can manage your printing devices including scanners, copiers and faxes, thereby improving efficiency and preserving information security. A single print management platform can help you monitor usage, manage consumables and meet the organization’s printing requirements without spending more than you need to.

Studies suggest that most companies spend 5 – 15% of their revenue on print related expenses. This cost could be cut down by up to 20-30% by using Managed Print Services as per a study released by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Here are the key benefits of using Managed Print Services:

Save time and improve productivity

It has been noted that employees in most companies spend a frustrating amount of time occupied in printing related tasks. To begin with there are the chores of scanning or faxing documents, printing with old hardware or copying files in the right format. Then there are device malfunctions and small yet time-consuming duties like changing the toner or cartridge. With a managed print service, a software is put in place to reduce the time spent by employees in printer related tasks.

Our print management software helps you pull off detailed reports on print usage, costs per page and spent of consumables to plan and optimize. You can free up time for your valuable resources, as a print management company will take care of all the maintenance and support to make sure you get the right prints for your project. Experience a refreshing new take on business processes with complete control and visibility of printing.

Reduce cost, save more

Most companies have a sporadic approach to managing print related processes which often leave room for inefficiencies in several areas. Maintenance of fleets of printers can be a costly affair, especially when done one device at a time. Having a cloud-based system in place can help you do more in scale. This helps you employ economies of scale at your advantage and make bulk purchases of cartridges, toners and get repairs. With managed print services a thorough print audit of your setup will help you in identifying ways to reduce costs and consolidate hardware. Having too many printers scattered around your office is expensive to maintain and takes up real estate.

Help improve productivity

The printing needs of different departments can vary in an office. After an initial assessment of the company’s needs, a designated MPS expert should be able to recommend a tailored program for each department. This may include wanting special types of document sizes or formats or the need to print from mobile devices or off-site.
Moreover, you also get the advantage of getting timely updates of all the devices. This allows access to cutting edge technology. Some managed print services also come with staff training so that your staff are well-acquainted with new hardware and workflows.

Go green

With lower use of paper, electricity and other consumables you get the opportunity of being a good corporate citizen. An MPS system helps you take control of your print usage and the print behaviour of your team with complete transparency. That way you get to intervene and reduce your environmental footprint before things go out of hand. This will also help you showcase your paper saving efforts as a part of your Corporate Social Responsibility.

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