Blogs Handy-Dandy Tips To Delight Your Employees with The Perfect Personalized Corporate Gifts

Handy-Dandy Tips To Delight Your Employees with The Perfect Personalized Corporate Gifts

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ARC India

December 8, 2021

Perfect corporate gifts for your employees can efficiently convey the message of how much you care about and appreciate them. The good news is that you don’t need to burn a hole into your pocket to buy awesome corporate gifts for your employees. Personalization can do a marvelous job here as it shows appreciation in a unique and touchy way that strengthens your professional relationship with employees. The truth is that all the polished branded items with the company logo don’t achieve this, while, a simple personalized coffee mug or a photo printed t-shirt does.

Now, in this article, we are going to give you some excellent employee gifting tips-

Go for the gifts that connect emotionally:

There’s no point in gifting items that most of your employees already have. For example, you are planning to gift a power bank with your company logo but most of your employees already have it, so your gift would only catch dust at the corner of their table. Instead, you can gift them a personalized printed coffee mug with an appreciation message that connects with them emotionally. Whenever your employees use the coffee mug, they would feel motivated.

Everyone loves their name:

Everyone finds it great and touched to see their name on anything. It doesn’t have to be a costly venture like gifting engraving gold-plated items. Simplicity is the key here. Wondering how? A great feel-good effect can be achieved through a simple gift like name-engraved leather tags for your employees.

Make the festivities extra-special:

Let’s be honest-who doesn’t love receiving gifts on festivities or special occasions. Be it Rakhi, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, or occasions like baby showers, birthdays, there’s always a way to delight your employees with perfect corporate merchandise. ARC offers a wide range of customizable corporate gifts for every occasion. It offers highly curated and occasion-oriented customized gifts like pens, t-shirts, water bottles, wrist bands, jute bags, Bluetooth speakers, and many more items within your budget range.

No More Boring Traditional Gifts:

At ARC, we always walk the extra miles redefine the world of gifting. We aim to enable our customers to think differently and come up with very unique and thoughtful gifts for their employees and clients. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with stunning and out-of-the-box 3D miniature gifts. Be it a 3D miniature of indoor chess games, robotic figurines, lovely cupid or custom brides & grooms dolls, custom figurines, ARC has it all in one place for you. The best part of gifting 3D miniature items is that they reflect a special and more thoughtful gesture. It shows that you have taken time and effort to come up with a miniature of some you really value and appreciate in your life.

Innovation amplifies happiness quotient:

A lot of organizations still continue to gift cookie collections or assorted chocolates to their employees on special occasions like Diwali, Christmas, etc. Unfortunately, such types of readymade gifts lack one crucial component- innovation. How about showing some innovations while choosing the gifts for your employees so that they can also appreciate your unique idea and gesture? It doesn’t require a rocket-science type innovation, you can show your innovation with a very simple executable idea. For example, your employees often need data sharing and backup, so you can gift them a rewritable flash drive with a personalized message imprinted on it.

Use intelligent process management:

The entire corporate gifting process is a time-consuming affair as it takes a considerable amount of time to procure gifts, dispatch them and answer all the gifting-related queries, etc. When it comes to managing time and costs for your employee gifting process, it is always a good idea to opt for ARC as it efficiently manages and delivers bulk corporate merchandise orders, while providing you with good discount deals.

Choose gender-neutral gifts:

Opting for gender-oriented gifts may not be a good idea as it can a considerable amount of time and effort to segregate gifts based on gender. It is always a better idea to buy personalized gifts that are gender-neutral. Personalized coffee mugs, caps, pens, calendars, posters are some of the popular gender-neutral employee gifts.

To give a strong boost to your employees’ productivity level, it’s really important to engage them through various activities, especially in this present turbulent time when the world is fighting against the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic. Thoughtful personalized corporate gifts give chance to your employees to celebrate their special days or events and also bring them closer to your organization’s goal.