The 73rd birth anniversary of Independent India

Soumyadip Ghosal | August 14, 2019

Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day

Since 1947, every year on 15th August, we Indians celebrate our Independence Day with immense pride. Since the time the British has quit India, we have made great strides in different fields. This is one such day in the year when our patriotic spirits are sky high, this is both an emotional and a proud moment for every Indian. From hoisting the national flag to watching military parades and chanting “Vande Mataram” and other patriotic songs, this is one such day when each Indian forgets his individual religion and becomes one in the name of nationality.

When we say we Indians have made great strides in different fields then one of the most noteworthy incidents happened recently when Bhawana Kanth started making headlines. Being the first woman fighter plane pilot with the Indian Air Force, she made every Indian in every corner of the world beam with pride. This achievement is no mean feat for any woman whatsoever. The IAF has also chosen the next batch of three women trainee pilots. Voila! We Indians are indeed just unstoppable!

Well when we talk of the nation’s achievements then how can we not mention our latest stint with the Chandrayan-2? July 22, 2019 will go in the pages of history as the Chandrayan-2, India’s second planned mission to the moon was launched by ISRO. It consists of an orbitor, a lander and a rover and it will map the moon’s surface from an altitude of 100 kilometres. Though NASA is not directly a part of the mission, this is believed to be of great help to the future lunar missions. Social media was taken by storm as celebrities and netizens from across the globe congratulated ISRO for its massive feat.

The Republic of India turns 73 today and ever since the birth of an Independent India, the nation’s road to development has only soared high. With patriotism filling the air on this day, let us all unite as one nation and make our own contributions, no matter how small, to make the nation proud. Jai Hind!