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Facility Management Software – Ease your Building Maintenance

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ARC India

December 11, 2021

The evolution of facility management software has reshaped the way businesses operate and manage their facilities. Most businesses, these days, use facility management tools to explore and leverage every advantage of their facilities and run it very efficiently. Having a facility management service is now not a “great-to-have” option, rather it’s a necessity.

The adaptation of Facility Management Service (FM) is substantially rising worldwide, still, a lot of businesses continue with the age-old, archaic type of facility management and miss out on the excellent benefits of modern facility management services that we, at ARC, offer.

Keeping this in mind, here we are going to talk about the benefits that ARC’s facility management software brings to you-

Super easy commercial building maintenance:

As a facility manager, you are responsible for handling a lot of assets and ensuring they are all running seamlessly. This job is almost next to impossible to do manually without taking the help of cutting-edge facility management software. With a traditional manual approach, asset locations and details only fall through the cracks.

ARC’s best-in-the-class facility management tool makes your life super-convenient by bringing all the facility-related information instantly to the table.

When you have a clear, comprehensive, and real-time picture of all the assets in your facility, you can manage and maintain them very easily and efficiently.

Improved business decisions:

Today’s businesses are completely data-driven and your business success is closely tied to how well you utilize valuable information. From identifying potential cost savings to all the risks throughout your facilities, ARC’s facility management empowers you with all the valuable data in a single place so that you can make a sound business decision.

Efficient property management:

Amplifying the potential of your property is another great advantage of having a perfect facility management tool. As a facility manager, you are responsible for handling multiple sites at a time but ARC’s FM makes things super easy for you by providing you with accurate information about all the rents, leases, utilities in a single place. It ensures no payment and charge is overlooked.

Furthermore, facility management software enables you to compare property information so that you can find the potential areas to save costs.

Excellent building management:

We all know the fact that most commercial building maintenance affair come with extensive and complex design plans. When it comes to handling and managing all those complex building plans, it requires a considerable amount of time and effort without the help of software. ARC’s FM application comes with highly interactive maps and user-friendly search tools so that you can get any building-related information instantly.

Efficient emergency plan:

The importance of having a perfect emergency plan in place is paramount for a commercial building. The basic objectives of having an emergency plan are reducing injuries, taking immediate actions, safeguarding the community and ensuring business continuity.
When it comes to handling emergencies, ARC’s facility management app enables you to do it in the best manner. It gives you instant access to accurate building information so that you can immediately respond to the emergency and mitigate it.

Better adherence to regulatory compliance:

Practically, almost every business has to adhere to the regulatory compliances and meeting all those requirements is not only important for facing any non-compliance-related issues, but it’s also good for eliminating any backlogs for preventive maintenance. With ARC’s app, you can also stay on top of maintenance updates and keep track of all the progress.

Easy closeout:

All the large files, CDs and binders are the things of the past now. Digital convenience has become the new industry norm. We enable you to access all the project closure-related information from your mobile phone only. Project closure is now just a cakewalk with ARC’s closeout application developed for new-age facility managers like you.

Reduced admin costs:

Most organizations handle sensitive facility documents very carefully and use multiple admin resources to do that well. Using multiple resources leads to more admin costs. This is exactly where ARC’s app does a phenomenal job by locking the security gate with Single Sign-On access and reducing the number of admin resources. It ensures that only a permitted person can access sensitive information.

Embrace the utmost security:

When it comes to managing a commercial building facility, you deal with a lot of important files and data. It’s crucial to establish proper security measures to stay away from security breaches, phishing attacks, and password leaks. ARC’s app allows you to establish powerful protection with 2-step authentications and ISO-certified security.

This is just a snapshot of all the benefits that you can avail of from our facility management. As the increasing demand and responsibilities pile up on facility managers each year, using our facility management solutions for your organization is more crucial than ever for reducing costs, boosting productivity and efficiency, and ensuring business success.