When’s the right time to replace my store signs and banners?

Sunny Bhagat | June 17, 2019

Your banner graphics and signage are typically one of the first things customers see when they enter your store or office. And if you play your cards right, it’s the image they will keep seeing repeatedly, every time they visit your store.  Good quality banners are essential for storefronts as they do a lot to convey the personality of your business. Custom signs at the entrance of your shop are instantly recognizable and can be a great canvas for telling the story of your business or an upcoming event.

But have you checked if they are out of date? Here we share some tell-tale signs to check if you need to update your store signs…

They’re not relevant anymore!

Even the most striking printed graphics may not stay relevant forever. The vibrant printed logo or graphic that so seamlessly once captured your brand message, may grow stale and unappealing. Nowadays it’s easy for visitors to come to a store and feel unimpressed if they spot outdated signs and banners, even if they don’t know anything about a brand or about design. So, it might just be time to think about giving your custom banners and signs a facelift if you find it’s showing signs of ageing.

Your business is evolving

Just as businesses seldom remain the same forever, graphics and displays for the store shouldn’t either. As your company grows and changes, or if your business has undergone rebranding, then your signage must be updated to reflect these new developments, growth or shift in priorities.

The store signs are just too complex

Like most other things in life, in custom banners and signs the mantra for success is “more is less”. A common problem is that many try to squeeze too much into a graphic and that produces poor results. This is particularly true for store signs of companies established before the age of digital printing. It’s key to understand that what looks great on a printed flyer may not translate well into the storefront banner or into more advanced marketing signage like printing solutions that involve LED lights or moving parts. If your store signs are difficult to understand or look cluttered, it may just be the time to consider a redesign with fresh prints that are more aligned to modern tastes.

When you shouldn’t redesign and print your store signs or banners

Switching color themes and graphics in your store sign too often makes it difficult to develop strong brand recognition. With store signs the often overused, common adage “don’t fix, what isn’t broken” ironically seems fitting. If you’re getting good results from your current store banner, it’s probably best to leave it alone.

Your store is the shrine of your hard work! While it may be tempting, don’t DIY your banners or store signs as nifty money-saving ideas can cause for expensive backfires. Think your storefront signs need an update? Talk to a printer you can trust.