The easiest to make a strong first impression – custom business cards

Soumyadip Ghosal | March 6, 2019

If you’ve ever watched the classic movie “American psycho” then you must have learnt how important business card printing is for your brand! Business cards are the ideal multi-channel marketing tool for any business. They offer – brand recognition, advertising, call-to-action as well as contact information. If designed right and translated to paper with the perfect printing technique, these pocket-sized billboards can have a lasting impact on your audience.

Visiting card printing to turn passing strangers into customers

While it may seem easy to put a bunch of information on a small rectangular piece of paper. But there’s more to just that, a business card maker must know how to make this piece of paper personal for the receiver. In this guide, we will help you understand your options to get the most out of your custom visiting cards:

Before you print – know thyself!

There are two primary design elements you must decide before you begin to design your business card – These two are crucial visual choices for holistic branding. They can also play a big part in the layout and identity of your business cards. Once, you have got these two aspects down, there is another preliminary activity that you must take care of – know what you aim to communicate through your business cards. The most important questions to ask yourself in this process are: What kind of a brand are you? What would you like your printed business card to convey – both through text and through words?

What type of paper to use?

This is a common question received by business card makers. The short answer would be to choose the paper of high quality which carries good weight. The colours appear differently for different types of paper, so, make sure you do your research. There is a plethora of choices when it comes to varieties of paper, like, silk, uncoated and gloss finish. However, most of our customers choose premium paper like pearlescent, laid, linen or ones with hammer effect. You can also get cards starting from a standard weight, up to a luxury business card with quadruple thickness.

Choosing the right business card maker

Even the most creative designs on high quality paper can fall flat and be ineffective in making a lasting impression, if printed poorly. ARC guarantees high quality business card printing for all business, regardless of the volume of order or design complications. With us, you can get folded, square or standard sized business cards with striking print quality to make them memorable.

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