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Personalised 3D Miniature Gifts

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ARC India

November 11, 2020


Over the years, the gifting industry has evolved greatly. People want to choose a gift for their loved ones that will not just make them happy but will serve as a unique memory as well. 3D miniatures have added a unique innovation to gifting ideas in the current times. There are a large number of ways in which you can choose gifts and create lasting impressions. One of the most popular gifting ideas in the recent times has been 3D figurines. These lifelike figurines are designed to bear perfection with the help of 3D technology that will surely blow your mind.

Personalised lifelike 3D figurines

3D miniature gifting takes personalization to a whole different level. With the help of this technology, you can now transform your photographs and selfies into lifelike miniature versions of yourself. You can now gift your friends and loved ones 3D miniature versions of themselves and see their jaws drop. These make for one of the most unique gift ideas in the recent times. Among all the personalization gifting ideas prevalent in the market today, 3D miniature figurines are the most popular ones. Another popular idea is using super 3D wherein you make a custom figure of yourself in your favourite superstar avatar. Every aspect of your profile will get intricately captured virtually to bring the superhero in you. All you need to do in this regard is to provide your photograph and your 3D printing company will take care of the rest. Again, if you cannot get enough of yourself, then you can make a custom 3D figure made of yourself. These custom-made figurines will bring the best in you. Better still, you can gift these to your friends and loved ones to keep them smiling for the years to come. Again, if you want to freeze the best and most memorable moments of your life, you can do it with the help of 3D. You can choose from a world of personalised wedding or anniversary mementos for your relatives, friends or loved ones and make the impossible, possible in 3D.

With technology evolving every single day, you can really explore some unique gifting options these days. 3D miniature gifts are one of the best options that you can think of in modern times. Let us take a quick look why these are considered better than the other usual photographic gifts:

  • The look and feel of these figures are much more real when compared to photographs

  • Details that you would generally tend to miss out in your photographs will be very easily laid out in these sandstone replicas

  • They are really a great and unique alternative to the traditional photographic gifts

  • They are an innovative way in which you can make your presence felt in the life of your near and dear ones.

Perfect corporate gift for employees and clients

Making a choice from these unique gifting options of 3D miniatures will definitely be a great way to create an impression among your clients and employees. The run of the mill mementoes might start getting boring after some point of time and it is here where the 3D miniature technology can help you wherein you can create custom souvenirs, miniature showpieces with your company logo or unique custom mementoes in your brand colour or brand message. This will not just help you create a lasting impression before your clients but at the same time will let you explore your creative instinct to the best of your abilities. As all your employees love being recognized for the hard work that they put in all through the year, you can present them some 3D miniature gifts and custom trophies to appreciate their efforts.

Different kinds of 3D miniatures

The various 3D printed statues come in different sizes and forms that are unique to a specific person. Some of the different kind of miniatures include:

  • Half body single miniature: these generally feature head to knees of a person that starts from six inches.

  • Single bust miniature: the single miniature of a person generally features head to chest of a person that has a height of 3 inches.

  • Full body single miniature: this features single miniature of a person from the head to knees that start from 6 inches.

  • Single miniature bobble head: these are generally single miniature of an individual from the head to the knees having a height of around six inches.

  • Couple miniature bobble head: these feature a couple together in a figurine with a miniature of around six inches from the head to knees.

  • Family miniature bobble head: these are generally a set of miniatures that feature a family in a head-to-toe model of a height starting from six inches.

Available in different size options, these 3D figurines are a perfect combination of 3D scanning and the latest in printing technology that can capture the most unique features of your brand messaging or the people whom you gift these.