Blogs Important points to be included before printing a company Letterhead ( by law)

Important points to be included before printing a company Letterhead ( by law)

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ARC India

February 22, 2022

Not sure about designing a perfect company letterhead? Use your brand guidelines to draft a letterhead and add your logo, color and fonts to your existing letterhead template so that you can customize it as your own,

At ARC, we have a wide number of templates available for you to make letterhead printing venture super easy and convenient for you. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about what are the things that your company letterhead should include by law-

  1. Using a simple template design is not a bad idea: 

If you think that a flashy letterhead design is not typically your thing, there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple. You can simply add your company logo and contact information. If you are confused, use our simple letterhead formats that you can easily customize. The objective here is very simple-people should be able to recognize your brand distinctively. 

  1. Use directional design on your letterhead:

Now you might be wondering to know about directional designs. Arrows, lines, pointing fingers are examples of directional cues. These designs indicate r specific direction for the readers. While using directional designs is not necessary, they can make your information more flowing for readers.

In the header section, you can use the arrow shape directing to the main part of the custom letterhead.

  1. Add a creative footer: 

Another way to create an engaging business letterhead is to add a creative footer instead of a header. 

It is always a better idea to use the same color for both your footer and header and include your company information in the footer. In this section, you can provide your company details like phone number, email, and address. These details are very important for your stakeholders, clients, partners, or anyone who wants to have your company information. 

  1. Use a photo or illustration: 

Instead of using a standard header and footer, you can use a photo or illustration to make it look more compelling. When it comes to selecting an image, it is always a better idea to use the image with transparent background so that it can easily blend well into your existing design.

We all know the fact that an image can capture attention better than text and this is the reason why a lot of companies use a custom letterhead design with an image. 

  1. Place your logo near the top of your letterhead: 

The main objective of your letterhead is to make your branding recognizable across all your marketing materials. Keeping this thing in mind, a lot of businesses use their letterhead logo at the top of their letterhead. When it comes to incorporating the logo seamlessly on the letterhead, it is always a better idea to use the same color accents that perfectly match your logo.

  1. Use a solid background color: 

To make your brand letters more recognizable and appealing, you should use a solid background color. The text and background should be in contrast. When you are using a solid-colored background, use light-colored texts. 

  1. Use a colorful border: 

When selecting a custom business letterhead template, choose the one with a simple border. A border can professionally complete the letterhead design. It is always a better idea to use a shade of grey or charcoal for your border. But if you want to make your communication most striking, you can opt for a bolder border design.

  1. Information that you should include on your business letterhead: 

You should include the following information on your business  letterhead-

  • Business logo
  • Legally registered business name
  • Legally registered physical address
  • The business contact information like phone number, fax, email address 
  • Legal company registration number 
  • VAT number 

So now you might have got a clear picture of the things that you should include on your letterhead, it’s time to choose a perfect custom letterhead template from our wide number of template choices and enjoy great discount offers by ordering custom letterhead printing order in bulk.