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Corporate Gifting Ideas for Employees and Clients

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ARC India

December 12, 2020

Everyone loves gifts! Regardless of gender and age, gifts can make people feel appreciated and cared for. It helps establish a connection with the sender. Gifting can however be a very tricky endeavor as the sender might end up spending a fortune while it might seem useless to the recipient owing to lack of utility or simple dislike. Gifting these days are not just limited to special occasions and festivals as companies of different levels, big or small are taking part in the corporate gifting trend. Recognizing employees for their hard work and efforts and at the same time felicitating clients and business partners on special occasions helps businesses strengthen their relationships and promote their brands. It therefore is important to understand the corporate gifting culture so that you can be a part of this trend and choose the right gift for every occasion and event.

The corporate gifting trend is far more difficult to crack than the traditional gifting trend that takes place at a personal level. The reason being when you gift at a personal level, you generally have an idea of what the person might like or dislike. Also, you aren’t bogged down by the pressure of meeting every recipient at a personal level. But when it comes to corporate gifting to employees, it needs to be considered that you are giving gifts to the most valued resources of your company. When it comes to your clients and business partners, it becomes all the more important for you to be extremely careful so that you do not generate any bad vibe for your organization. Since you are not the only one who would be giving away the gifts, it is important that yours become the right corporate gift.

When can you gift your business associates and employees

Important company events and festivals are a good time to honor and recognize their efforts towards the growth and collective success of your company. Birthdays of employees and milestones achieved by your company are the times when some special efforts from the management’s side can make the business associates and employees feel connected.

Recognizing your employees

Your employees are your most important assets. It is neither your infrastructure nor technology but your employees who are running the show for you. Therefore, you need to take corporate gifting as an initiative to recognize and reward them. A small gesture of appreciation can make them feel associated with your company all the more. However, you need to ensure that you do not confuse between the corporate gifts that you give your employees and incentives based on the performance of each employee. Though the latter can be different, corporate gifts for birthdays and special events need to be the same throughout irrespective of hierarchy. The main motive is to make them feel connected and not promote unrest and favoritism within the organization.

Gifting your clients

For every business, clients are the precious assets that make a business run. If your employees are your backbone then your clients are the heart of your system that can keep your business running and kicking. Therefore, the idea to keep them feel valued and interested needs to always be on your to do list. While selecting a corporate gift for your client, always remember that it needs to be high on brand recall value. Your aim needs to be choosing a gift that will be a constant reminder of your brand value and services. This is the best way to promote your brand without actually being too obvious about it. You can be a little obvious with the promotional gift items that you choose for your customers, however with your clients you need to be extra cautious.

Different gift ideas

In the modern times, there are no dearth of options for corporate gift ideas. You can choose from custom business stationeries like pens, desk stands, cups, mugs etc. Also, as we are only a few weeks away from welcoming 2021, you can gift custom corporate diaries and custom calendars with your company name and logo engraved in them to both your employees and clients. Custom printed tee shirts and coffee mugs also make up for great corporate gifting ideas.

Corporate gifts not just help you create a lasting impression among your clients but also helps you encourage your employees to do better and set high standards for themselves every time. There are a lot of ways in which you can actually go wrong with corporate gifting however, by just keeping your basics right and trusting your own judgment, you can achieve your desired results. With ARC India, you can never go wrong in making the correct choice of corporate gifting. We offer a wide variety of customized business stationeries and corporate merchandise for every occasion and event. Get in touch with us to know more.