Printed exhibition displays – the secret sauce for successful event

Sunny Bhagat | March 6, 2019

With every new event or tradeshow comes a new opportunity. So, make the most of industrial events you attend with the right marketing approach coupled with striking exhibition banners. While many believe simply bringing visiting cards and leaflets or flyers are enough, to engage attendees but there’s a lot more one can do.

What product should one bring to an event?

No matter what marketing collateral you’re carrying to a presentation, make sure they are updated, well-designed and printed to perfection. After all, you will not be the only one in the exhibition competing for your viewer’s attention. Here’s our list of printed superstars that can turn an event into an intervention!  

Exhibition or roll-up banners

No exhibition is complete without the quintessential roll-up banner stand! They are the best attracting the maximum number of eyeballs in a crowded tradeshow floor. Standing at 2m height available varying range of widths starting from humble 800mm to a whopping 1500mm, they are ideal to let the visitors know who you are and what to you do. Moreover, roll-up banners are lightweight, portable and durable thus, can be used in more than one event when going through a busy tradeshow season.


So, you’ve gathered up a queue lining outside your tradeshow booth with your vibrant large format prints. Now you need to impress them to influence their buying decisions. And the best way to do that in the world of marketing 3.0 is to tell your unique story and showcase what makes your product different hence, ideal! Thus, you need ample space to give away a lot of information in the most succinct manner possible. Brochures are the best printed tools to do just that and more. A good quality brochure, touching all the current design points can leave a lasting impression on the minds of your visitors and will give them the food for thought when they reach home.

Use all the upright spaces to your advantage when at an exhibition or a tradeshow with custom printed posters. Bare walls won’t talk, so why not give them a colourful voice? A witty quote or a clever illustration will bring more people to your stall than hours of elevator pitches. Printed posters come in a range of sizes starting from standard A4 to massive 60 x 40-inch sizes.

Outdoor displays
Why wait for your visitors’ attention, when you can standout before anyone else has even started? The best way to do that is have a well-placed outdoor display advertisement, en route to the venue or at the hall’s entrance to get into the minds of visitors even before they come in. This is the best way to get a head start ahead of your competitors’ in today’s world, where any opportunity of brand awareness is invaluable.