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Augmented Reality – Integration of Physical with Digital

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ARC India

September 15, 2020

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Augmented Reality – Integration of Physical with Digital

ARC’s augmented reality (AR) helps bridge the gap between the physical and digital world by connecting customers digitally.

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Brand Engagement Through AR

With ARC, take your usual offline and traditional channel and add AR to it to generate your brand engagement. We help you transit from paper to digital. You can now overcome the constraints of the world of print and focus on the promotional aspect of the sector. With traditional media, information and communication is unidirectional, leaving the consumer with no or very less opportunity to respond. ARC’s AR technology adds a layer of interactivity to print media. We create videos for existing business cards, product catalogues and brochures with our advanced augmented reality technology.

Our AR Features

Powerful scanning: We use powerful image recognition technology to scan the target image.

Available on the go: We give users remote access through tablets and mobile devices.

Use of 3D animation: Our augmented reality business cards and brochures play interactive videos on being scanned on your phone with an available QR code.

Track user interaction: You can use analytics to track user interaction.

Customizations: You can engage with your users through our custom interactive content.

Compatibility: Our AR technology supports both Android and IoS platforms.

Image recognition: You can add this feature on any business card, product catalogue, brochure, book covers, magazines, newspapers, goods, gift items, etc.

Social integration: This refers to social media integration.

Range of Uses

Product Catalogs: You can now integrate traditional catalogues into your digital shopping experience by going beyond print pages and including interactive videos and images to your product catalogs.

Promotions: AR allows brands reach their customers in a cost effective and quick manner as they leverage only one application but generate multiple responses with the medium now being interactive.

Brochures and Business Cards: You can create new content opportunities by featuring detailed product information, customer reviews and much more all in your brochures. Business cards can be scanned with a QR code and a video or any important information about your product or brand will appear immediately on the screen of the tablets or mobile devices of your consumers.

Retail: You can transform the retail experience of your consumers by empowering them to simply point their smartphones at the products or signage. A range of information, special offers, reviews and other information will then start appearing on their smartphones.

Key Benefits and Advantages
  • Innovative way of interacting with consumers by changing the traditional static world of print into something interactive and dynamic, rich media content.
  • Powerful and reliable scanning and image recognition technology.
  • Deliver real time and dynamic content to transform the experience of your consumers.
  • Provides a valuable insight to enhance consumer engagement and behavior.
  • Offers a flexible and powerful cloud-based network.