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3D Printing Technology – Scope and opportunities

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ARC India

September 24, 2020

3D printing is the process of creating 3D objects wherein raw materials are stacked one after the other in a desired form. A Computer Aided Design (CAD) controls the deposition of these layers. The fabrication of each layer requires a virtual 3D blueprint and other technical specifications. According to these specifications, the CAD software slices the virtual model into different layers. Subsequently, a string to codes are sent to a 3D printer wherein it is explained how to compile the layers of raw materials. The thickness of a layer can be as low as one thousandth of a meter. This way, 3D printing has made its impact as a greatly high precision manufacturing process. It is primarily used to make functional models and prototypes for different applications in various sectors like automotive, hospitality, jewellery making, consumer end markets and many more.

3D Print Market in India

The last few decades of India’s IT industry excelling has earned it a more prominent position in the world map. With a large number of India’s youth choosing the disciplines of science and technology has unravelled their interest in these fields. The demand of cutting edge and more sophisticated machines speak volumes about India’s inclination towards the adoption of new technologies, 3D printing being one of them. When viewed from the business perspective, 3D printing service, despite starting with a scanty presence in the initial days, has gradually made its presence felt in various industries where it is reckoned as a unique gift. In the days to come, most of the educational institutions, laboratories, hospitals and other industries will be equipped with the 3D printing technology. While it can still be considered in its nascent stage of progress, 3D printers do offer an enormous growth opportunity in the years that are to come. A recent study shows that India’s market in 3D printing technology is projected to reach 79 million dollars by the end of 2021. The focus of domestic production with an increasing demand in lean manufacturing and consistent penetration in different applications, together with the Make in India campaign, will promote the 3D online 3D printing services in the country. As this campaign favours products that are made in India, the domestic manufacturing sector has received encouragement to proceed further. This will play a key role in boosting the local 3D printing industry and 3D print lab.

Gradually, different industries are acknowledging the benefits of 3D priming technology and they are embarking on using this technology in their day to day operations. Thus, this industry is growing steadily and its manufacturing sector is calling for a bolstering move. Currently, a majority of Indian industries import 3D printers from counties like USA, China and Germany, but as the government initiatives back the domestic manufacturing, several local players have come to the fore. When compared to global 3D printing giants, Indian players today are at par with international manufacturers. In the past few years, a large number of companies in this country have been spotted exploring this technology. It was only a few years ago when there was hardly any competition in this industry, however with time, the market expectations for this technology has been on a gradual rise.

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Therefore, it goes without saying that 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing has made a place for itself in the Indian market and the coming days are expected to see a bigger expansion. Many 3D printing companies are popping up across the country. Various industries are implementing the use of this technology in different aspects of their operation. This technology come in different forms that can give birth to highly accurate and tiny particles that are not possible with traditional manufacturing. And it is this aspect of precision and accuracy that has generated the demand of 3D print technology in different verticals of industries. By adopting this technology, various industries are coming up with new ways to expand their business. The scope and advantages of this technology are endless. In the coming days you will see more of this technology in different industries thriving in the Indian markets. Considering its demand and the opportunities that this technology creates, it is here to stay and expand in the years to come.