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February 22, 2022

One more topsy-turvy year down, and it’s 2022! 2021 was full of ups and downs and there was no shortage of crazy news all around. From criminal, medical and political advancements, a lot happened. Similarly, the different industries also saw a wide variety of growth, the print industry included. Here’s reviewing some of the most striking highlights seen in the 3D print industry, 2021 December.

Remembering Sanjay Mortimer in Fondness

The founder of E3D, Sanjay Mortimer passed away in December, a sad day for the 3D print industry. A wise, caring and inspirational leader, Sanjay was committed to his vision of changing how humanity manufactured goods.

His intuitive knowledge of 3D printing contributed immensely to the print industry, who shared their heartfelt condolences on his demise. To allow people the chance to pay their respects, E3D opened a discord channel, that allowed fans and well wishes the chance to pay their last respects.

New SPAC, New Month

December also saw industrial 3D printer manufacturer Essentium become the latest to join in the SPAC boom that has taken hold of the 3D printing industry this year. Essentium plans to go public on the Nasdaq under the ticker ‘ADTV’ by merging with $974 million. The estimated funds gathered for this venture is $346 million to date. 

The CSO of Atlantic Coastal Acquisition, Tony Eisenberg claimed,

“We believe that following this transaction, Essentium will be extremely well-positioned for rapid growth as it further expands its ecosystem offerings, capitalizes on its line-of-sight sales pipeline, and executes on its M&A strategy as it continues to advance AM as a public company,”

EOS Celebrates its 1000th Printer

EOS, powder bed fusion 3D print provider installs its 1000th 3D printer in North America. The AMCM M 4K machine was bought from Florida-based service provider Sintavia, who previously provided 16 EOS 3D printers. 

Brian Neff, Sintavia CEO says,

“Constant innovation, consistency between machines, and industrial-scale production dependability are why aerospace manufacturers of tomorrow rely on EOS,”

3D Printed Meat wins the approval of Marco Pierre White

British Chef, Pierre Marco White approval of 3D meat printing is all set to be cruelty-free. He states,

“Redefine Meat’s New-Meat products are pure genius, giving you all the sustainability and health benefits of plant-based, without the compromise on taste and texture.”

Redefine Meat, a food firm revolutionized 3D printing and made it vegan friendly. Now, meat can be printed in 3D and diminish the chance of animal cruelty. Chefs have praised the new products, which will be available in high-end restaurants from December. 

The Legalization of the Controversial Suicide Capsule

December saw the legalization of the suicide capsule in Switzerland. A 3D printed pod that allows a person to climb inside and take their own lives legally. Named, “Sarco” or Sarcophagus, this provocative device, stands muted on a podium and releases nitrogen that allows users to find a quick death via passive gas asphyxiation.

This device was first built in 2018, and its creator, Dr Philip Nitschke called it, “Dr Death.” Recently, the Switzerland government legalized suicide via this machine, which is to be active since the new year.

SprintRay Vs Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal, an Industrial 3D print manufacturer gained access to a preliminary injunction by a German court that prevented SprintRay from selling dental systems. Desktop Metal accused SprintRay of copying the technology used by the former in the machines Pro55 and Pro95 respectively.

The investigation is now undergoing and the competitors are yet to come at an impasse.

Well, these are a culmination of the hottest news in 3D print in Dec 2021. Tune in for more insightful details.