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3D Miniature Gifts for Work from Home Employees

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ARC India

June 21, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the entire landscape of how we used to work earlier. For more than a year now, we are more or less confined or restricted to a particular location and as a result most offices are still continuing to support their employees to work from home. Well, while this has helped curb the spread of the virus and also has kept the infection in check, it might have impacted employees differently, especially when they are working from home for a prolonged period.

The work from home landscape

Over the last one year, more and more organizations have adopted the work from home culture to keep their employees and the society at large safe. While the work from home culture has gained popularity, various surveys show that there are a large section of people who find working from home demotivating. The lack of team work and face to face interaction not only makes the work monotonous but also makes collaboration and coordination extremely difficult. While the work from home culture is still here to stay for sometime, employers are now beginning to strategize on how they can transform the work from home landscape from seemingly monotonous to interesting and engaging.

Keeping employees motivated

Employers all over the world are looking for ways to make employees more productive and motivated. While there are various virtual group and team building activities that can be conducted from time to time, nothing can replace the motivation and encouragement that is earned through giving gifts and rewards. Whether it is an office setting or a work from home set-up, a gift can always show that as an employer you care for your employees and that you consider them a priority even during these difficult times. This will make your employees feel wanted and important and encourage them to go that extra mile for your business.

Making the right choice

Well when you think of gifting something to your employees then there are a wide variety of options available. But do you want to be gifting the same old things to your employees or want your gift to be unique that they will remember all through their lives? These are extremely difficult times for everyone, therefore when you are choosing a gift for employees it should make them feel special and should not look like an object of compulsion. And this is where ARC comes to your rescue. Whether you want to appreciate an employee for his outstanding performance or want to congratulate an employee for completing a certain tenure with your organization, choosing the right gift that is unique at the same time, can seem to be an extremely difficult job. We at ARC, bring to your the most unique gift options for your employees working from their homes in the form of 3D miniature gifts.

Break through the traditional barriers of gifting

At ARC, we aim to revolutionize the gifting industry. We aim to help employers and businesses break free from the traditional convention of giving gifts and make others feel special with unique gifting ideas. As a result, we have introduced 3D miniature gifts. These are miniature versions of individuals, trophies, stationery items and many more, especially customized with company name and logo. For an employee, working from home and needing that added dose of motivation, a personalized and miniaturised version of themselves as gifts would not only make them feel motivated but will also be an extremely special and unique gift.

Therefore, no matter whether you are planning to reopen your business soon or plan to continue to let your employees work from home in the coming days, you can completely rely on ARC to bring the best in 3D miniature gifts for you.