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Proven Tips for Restauranteurs Before Printing Food Menu

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ARC India

December 10, 2021

A great restaurant menu design can enhance the entire dining experience, assist customers to make satisfying choices, and stimulate appetite. Your menu card is a lot more than just a list of items you have. It should tell the story about the brand’s culture, ethics, and personality. Your menu card can be an excellent advertising element if it’s designed and printed well. We, at ARC India, enable you to play with imagination and creativity to print menu cards digitally that can be a serious revenue booster for your restaurant. When it comes to creating a professional menu card, you should consider these important things-

Image and colour: let them create an awesome impression

We all know the fact that the first impression is the last impression and your restaurant’s menu card is also not an exception to it. Your menu card leaves an impression in your customers’ minds before your food items do. So, let your menu card create an awesome impression for your business. If your restaurant is modern and upscale, it is always a better idea to opt for a clean design and minimalist colour palette. If it’s a pizza place, use bold design with bright colours to express the experience that your customers want to have.

Print a perfect tent card to showcase your special offers:

Diners, cafes, restaurants, bars, no matter where you dine, you’ve seen hundreds or thousands of table tents so far. The reason is pretty simple- they work great. As a strong marketing strategy, table tents serve a great complement to your menu, promote your special offers or menus and encourage orders beyond the capacity of traditional menu cards. Use custom table tents to promote your special deals or new items. Order customized table tents from ARC and create a deal that can give a substantial boost to your profit margin.

Bring simplicity with space:

Space is a very crucial element of your menu card design. A crammed menu design may provide more choices, but it also makes things a little difficult for the customers as they feel a little overwhelmed with many items in a small place. The longer it takes to read a menu card, the hungrier your customers get and may end up ordering the wrong items in hurry.

So, when it comes to deciding a perfect design for your food menu danglers, it is always a good idea to minimize the choices available for each course. It will empower your customers to order the right items.

Use proper space to maintain simplicity throughout your menu design- use a clear image, clean lines, and easy typefaces, etc.

Consider folds carefully:

If you are ordering folded custom food menu from ARC, you should consider the crease. Any pictures, graphic elements, or text over the fold might get lost. When it comes to defining clear sections, the folded menu can be the perfect option.

A sumptuous description:

Let your customers’ minds taste the food or drink before they’ve even placed the order. Indulgent and crisp descriptions can give each item a specific character that your customers can relate to psychologically. For example, instead of writing plain “Fish and Chips” you can write something like “ Fried Fish Served with French Fries, Boiled Vegs and Organic Leeks.” Such descriptions empower your patrons’ brains to visualize the items when they go through your food menu.

Use fonts intelligently:

The food menu should be simple and easy to read so that customers can easily go through your menu and choose the item without any difficulties. Use simple fonts so that anyone can take a glance at your money and decide the items quickly.
The same logic for the font colour as well. Use easy colour like black or dark brown and when it comes to using hungry colours, you can include them on your graphic parts.

Now you’ve got some excellent menu card printing tips, it’s time to come up with the perfect menu card design and place your custom printing order with ARC. Make an impression with our best-in-class printing!