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Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Gifting to Employees

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ARC India

November 18, 2020

The term corporate gifting has been in existence for quite some time now. Corporate gifts generally are valuable items that are given to employees as a token of appreciation, without any obligation whatsoever. It is customary among corporates these days to incorporate policies of giving business gifts to their employees. This is why we constantly need to modify the list of ideas for corporate gifting as things that worked in the past might not be working in the coming days. There are a few changes that, as a business you would need to adopt in 2021 to build a perfect corporate gifting strategy for your employees.

You cannot be giving the same old gifts that have been labeled as the best in the past. And before you get the correct recipe for corporate gifting and merchandise that will work in the global workforce of the modern times, you are required to let a few rules straight in the beginning.

Do not forget to personalize your gifts

A personalized gift goes a long way in creating a lasting impression in the minds of the receiver. It actually ascertains a connection and celebrates the bond. Gifts that are not customized generally end up in the trash can. Personalization however does not mean that you need to go out of your way to understand the likes and dislikes of each employee. That might in fact be considered inappropriate. Most of the times, a dash of personal touch just does the work. What never fails to work is a handwritten note by the employer attached to a gift. People also love gifts that have their names engraved on them. This pretty much works with your employees as well. So whether you are giving out a trophy to your best employee or gifting corporate diaries on the event of new year, a little touch of personalization adds a new level of belonging and warmth.

Do not use promotions

You are giving a gift to your employees who are already aware of your branding, messaging and products and services. Therefore, you do not need to promote yourself to them or make them aware of your existing business goals anew. The main motive behind corporate gifting is to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication. You therefore do not need to make it a promotional act. You might be thinking that you are putting in your money and efforts in planning or creating the corporate gift and you might therefore be wanting to add your company name or logo in it. While your company name or a small logo tucked in somewhere will not do much harm, it would definitely be better if you are staying away from making a marketing piece out of your corporate gift. If you are able to offer meaningful gifts for your employees then they will always remember you no matter how big or small your gift is.

Never compromise on the quality

Most employers feel since giving corporate gifts does not have much of a promotional value, they can take the liberty of compromising a tad bit on the quality. The best way that you can avoid this is deciding on the budget right at the beginning once you start planning the gifts. It is true that having a good budget is always a good thing but even if you do not have that you can get a lot of corporate gift options that you can choose without even breaking the bank. Always choose the best that you can afford within your budget. No matter what your budget is, always remember that you just cannot compromise on the quality. The gift that you are giving your employees directly impacts your reputation before your employees. You must spend wisely but remember to never go cheap.

Be appropriate

As an employer you are required to understand that corporate gifting is way more difficult when compared to personal gifting as it comes with a large number of different guidelines. You would definitely want to customize the gifts and at the same time be innovative but the gift also needs to be appropriate in the business environment. A lot of things can go wrong while you are giving a gift at your office. You would definitely not want to be either too personal or too casual. You also need to be extra careful that it does not look like a bribe from your end. Whenever you face any dilemma, you are required to use your own judgement. Always ask yourself what would your reaction be had you received the same gift from your employer.

By keeping a few key points in mind, you can make the right choices of gifting your employees and make them feel belonged and drive employee engagement.