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Cutting-edge 3D Printing Solutions

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September 18, 2020

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Cutting-edge 3D Printing Solutions

Get the best prototypes of your products in 3D with ARC. We offer high quality 3D printing services for a large number of industries.

How 3D Printing Technology Benefits your Industry

Faster production

Best quality

Printing complex parts

Accurate finished products

Cost effective

Innovate with ARC’s 3D Printing Service

Innovate your strategy and speed up your business operations with our online 3D printing service. Our 3D printing solutions help maximize the print experience of our customers across technologies, materials and sizes.

You Design It

You can create your designs in any CAD software. We are equipped to handle all kinds of file formats to cater to all your 3D printing requirements.

We 3D Print It

After you have given shape to your ideas with the help of any CAD tool, we print them in 3D and get them quality checked.

We Deliver

We deliver your 3D printed parts to anywhere in India.

Types of 3D Printing We Offer

Stereo lithography: In SLA, patterns, models and production parts are created with photochemical processes in layers. With us, experts and newcomers alike are welcomed to step into fast and high quality 3D printing using SLA.

Fused Deposition Modelling

The FDM additive manufacturing process is used for modelling, prototyping and production applications. We make use of the best of thermoplastic wires to create the desired prototype.

Multi Jet Printing

Our MJP are qualified to create complex and high resolution parts and accurate features. With us, you can create the perfect prototypes.

Colour Jet Printing

The CJP process uses a core and binder to create a 3D object. Our CJP printing process is well known for printing multi coloured and detailed 3D parts for different industries.

Vacuum Casting

The advanced process of vacuum casting produces parts in resins, polyurethane and cast nylon. Our vacuum casting technology is suited tor automated results and high capacity computer processes for shorter runs.

Selective Laser Sintering

The 3D print technology of SLS makes use of a carbon dioxide laser on a bed of powdered material to create physical models. The model is built by creating one layer at a time. With this technology, ARC helps you design complex geometries, heat resistant applications and high tech products that are meant for rigorous use.

Digital Light Processing

The process of DLP is similar to that of SLA. It also works with photopolymers but the main difference is the light source. This is not just a faster process but it also prints objects in higher resolutions. With our DLP technology, you get the best of 3D print products.

Direct Metal Printing

The DMP process in 3D print technology provides complex metal parts from 3D CAD data. With our DMP technology you can create highly complex shapes, thin particles, high quality objects and the best of finished parts.