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Benefits of digital printing for small businesses

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ARC India

March 7, 2019

The recent years have seen big leaps forward for print technologies. It has become almost impossible to tell if a piece of printed material has been printed with digital printing or the traditional offset printing. Therefore, digital printing has become such a popular choice for small and medium businesses. This article aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about making the most out of digital printing services to market with printed products.

Digital printing offers great benefits for growing business operators:

Not only are digital printing services fast with the least turnaround times, they are the ideal choice for most growing business owners for the following benefits:

Ideal for personalized print
Put any information, whether text, data image or quote to your printed products to personalize as per your needs. Get customizable marketing collateral like printed flyers, brochures or leaflets to announce a new seasonal discount or introduce a new product. Vibrant, eye-catching prints will help to increase engagement with your brand and improve response rates of your prospects.

Value for money
Since, digital printing does not use plates or rubber blankets for transfer of ink, unlike lithography or offset printing that use traditional inking methods. The setup costs of digital printing equipment are low, your designs go straight from PDF files to paper thanks to the high-quality toners attached in digital printers.  Digital printing makes use of fewer materials and the process is much quicker without any reduction in the quality of your printed jobs. And that saves you money.