Blogs Promising Relevance of Large Graphics and Signages for Growing Business

Promising Relevance of Large Graphics and Signages for Growing Business

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July 21, 2022

In the world of signage and promotional graphics, bigger is often better. From wall art, and acrylic board to car signage, and backlit flex board, large-scale marketing signage can add significant value to your business. Large format graphics creates a welcoming environment for your clients and gives a great opportunity to showcase your service and products in front of a larger audience. When it comes to grabbing your guests’ attention and helping them navigate to your business, large-scale signage works great.

How do large visuals affect sales?

Research conducted by Sign Research Foundation came up with critical statistics regarding signage and its positive effect on sales.

The research organization found a 10% hike in their average sales after doing some modifications to their signage along with an almost 60% improvement in transactions, profit and staffing.

Signs can significantly influence the perception of your target audience. According to the research, three-quarters of people admitted that signage is the first thing they notice about new unfamiliar business.

Here are the ways how signage benefits your business-

Increasing visibility:

Large-scale graphics like 3D signage, backlit sign board, and acrylic board enable people to easily find your business. Sign Research Foundation has also revealed fact that 50% of consumers fail to understand business because of unclear and small signage. Therefore, it is not a good idea to lose almost half of your potential customers with small and poor-quality signs.

When it comes to ensuring that your text is large enough for people to understand and locate your business easily, using large-format printing can be your perfect solution.

Create an active response:

Apart from enabling people to navigate your business easily, large-format graphics also play a vital role in building communication with your customer once they’re inside your business premise.

A well-designed, large-format backlit sign board with effective Call-to-Action (CTA) encourages people to take an immediate decision.

Improving brand perception:

You have already invested a lot of money and other resources in developing your business and you leave no stones unturned when it comes to enhancing brand perception and conveying that you run a successful business with great quality products and services. When it comes to ensuring a positive brand perception in your audience’s mind, large-format signage can play a crucial role as it attracts and retain customers.

How to make large-format visuals?

When you are making a marketing investment, it’s important to weigh the relative costs and benefits of the marketing initiatives. Unlike most of the marketing collateral, you can reuse your signage for a long time.

You can maximize the benefits of investing in large-format signage in the following ways-

Include signage in your design strategy: Signage is a crucial part of your brand’s design and story. You design the signage with your company’s color and imagery. By integrating signage into your design strategy, you can ensure substantial brand enrichment, build a better customer relationship and provide people with a better in-store experience.

Use vibrant colors:

Eye-catchy colors and visuals are effective ways to make sure that your signage can draw satisfactory attention. When you are determining the design for your signage, make sure it should carry your brand’s tonality.

Focus on lighting:

Backlite boards can improve your brand’s visibility. The good thing about using backlit boards is that they can illuminate your signage at night while ensuring 24/7 brand promotion.

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