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Possible Uses of Wall Graphics for your Business

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ARC India

April 6, 2020

Walls are meant for much more than just holding your ceiling up. With the right kind of display and graphics, you can transform your dull and dreary walls, giving more power to your brand and inspiring people around!

Use Of Wall Graphics

Today, wall graphics come with various shapes and sizes. There is a large variety of types available in the market. With vinyl letters, you can mount a quote or slogan to a wall. Similarly, with wall decals, you can decorate your walls with logos and the images of products that you offer. In case you are planning to cover a larger space then custom wallpapers and vinyl wall wraps are the best options that you have got.Vinyl wall wraps generally stretch from one wall to another, corner to corner from the floor to ceiling. It is quite like the one that you would generally buy off the shelf. This is just a digital version of your offline wallpapers bearing the photos of your choice or your brand color in it.

Have you ever thought about the various ways you can use wall graphics?

The interiors of business keep changing as per the latest brand theme. As a result, many businesses are changing their bland walls into their company’s vision. Corporate wall graphics depict the versatility and professionalism of a business. They can create a positive culture and keep your employees motivated. Vinyl wall decals can also connect clients to your brand.

  • Improve your decor

The benefits of custom wall murals are not just limited to your lobby. You can apply the same kind of creativity to the walls of your halls, conference rooms, and executive offices. With the help of vintage drawings or sketches, wall murals can reveal the heritage of your company. You can use them to honor the important donors who contributed to your charity or use vinyl lettering to celebrate success with a photo of your team winning a corporate match against a competitor. It does not just create interest, but it also reminds everyone of your corporate beginnings. This is the latest trend to use unused or blank spaces to highlight your company’s success and growth over the years.

  • Motivate workers

Something as simple as your brand tagline in vinyl letters or an inspirational quote can motivate employees. Use your internal resources and you can use a quote on the importance of quality or creativity. It could inspire visitors, clients and employees alike! Paint these in your hallways and lobby. A whimsical reference to pop culture can result in a positive and light-hearted work environment. Let the wall graphics serve as a constant reminder of the culture of your company as our employees walk past them every day. It will be like a permanent pep talk for employees.

  • Welcoming clients

Most businesses display their core values and mission statement that are visible to both their clients and employees. Presenting your mission with a custom wall decal will help your clients know exactly what your company is all about. It will also help you remind your employees about their purpose. You can use every blank space in your office to project your core mission and goals with the help of vinyl graphics. This helps you create instant brand recognition with customers. Also, new job applicants can visualize what it is like to work in your company.

  • Welcome visitors

When a visitor enters your reception area, you can welcome him with a wall decal that consists of your brand logo. Or you can use wall graphics to demonstrate your service or product in action. Another option would be installing a full wall custom wallpaper. This can depict your business like showcasing classic cars if you are in the automobile business. It is a great way to let visitors know what your brand is all about and give them a glance into your service offerings.

  • Helping in wayfinding

You can point visitors in the right direction with the help of vinyl letters. New employees or guest visitors will find it easier to locate breakout areas, restrooms, and other destinations. These might include arrows or graphics with a fork and knife to point to the cafeteria.

The uses of wall graphics are therefore endless. They are endlessly customizable as well. Most of them come with laminated features and can be cleaned easily. They can create your brand identity on any blank space and help you connect your clients and prospects to your brand.