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June 22, 2021

We can locate safety signs in almost every nook and cranny of large facilities. You must have noticed these safety signs in abundance on a day to day basis in shopping complexes, supermarkets, roadways, offices and airports and bus terminals. When you start observing these, you may start questioning yourself about the importance of putting these signs up everywhere. Well, therefore, let us quickly take a look at some of the most important uses of safety signs:

  • Drawing someone’s attention to health and safety issue when no one is around
  • Documenting important safety protocols and procedures
  • Reminding the visitors and employees to put on their safety equipment before they enter a particular area
  • Underscoring the location of any emergency equipment like fire extinguishers, shut off valves and the like
  • Prohibiting some actions in a particular area or making some precautionary activities a mandate

Imagine in a construction site there is a new construction worker and he has limited English speaking and reading skills. He enters a hazardous zone without any hazards alerting safety message. While everyone else is wearing a hard hat, no one else tells him that it is required in that zone. Now if any hazard is caused to this worker, we would have wondered what could have prevented it? Well the answer is simple – safety signs.

Businesses in which bilingual and non native speakers are common, often posts signs in two or multiple languages. Pictographs are also used to break through the barriers of language. As far as preventing unintended injuries and deaths are concerned, safety signs are crucial. Also, another reason to have them around is because they are required by law in most of the settings. The governments of different countries make it a mandate to use certain safety signs in some settings and places.

Just like safety signs, there are a large number of other signage that are issued by businesses to inform or notify their employees or visitors about something. One such signage is a wayfinding signage. These signage make it easier for people to navigate from one place of your office or store to another. These are particularly important for new visitors who are not aware of your place and needs a graphical guide to navigate from one place to another. Whether it is a new employee at the office who needs to know where the cafeteria or washroom is or whether a new visitor is looking for the billing section in your store, wayfinding signs are an absolutely necessary graphic for your business.

Is your business open during the pandemic? Are you operating in revised hours or allowing only a certain number of visitors at one time at your store? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you might need an outdoor banner to inform your visitors about the same. A lot of businesses have adopted certain measures during this pandemic and some have even started offering essential items along with their daily offerings, therefore, it is essential to notify your visitor about all of this. And the best way to do this is by putting up the important information in a outdoor banner. This will help your visitors and a passer by know what you want to convey to them without having to get inside your store and bug you with their queries.

At ARC, we offer high quality and affordable print solutions that can be customized as per your business requirement. You can choose from our huge gallery of templates and whether it is an exhibition booth, a promotional event, a site requiring safety or wayfinding signage, our print solutions cater to all your digital printing needs. Check out our website today to know more.