The value of vehicle wraps for branding

Soumyadip Ghosal | March 6, 2019

One of the best ways to promote one’s business is through banners and signs, when you have plenty of upright surfaces at your disposal. But what if your business is always on the move? The best way to bring your message to your audience and grab their attention is to use printed car wraps. While they might seem extravagant, there’s a good reason why they are a popular promotional tool.

Advertisement in motion!

Think of your company car or food delivery truck wrapped with printed graphic carrying your company’s brand name or logo. It will be a giant moving billboard, but the only difference being, you can also control who sees your vinyl car wrap advertisement. That way if you wish, you can simply move closer to your audience by driving where they are.

Higher brand recall and recognition!

While large format banners and signs stuck on walls and exteriors do attract a large amount of attention. But surveys show that people like the brands that do something unique and different to stand out from the competitors. That’s exactly what a vibrant printed vehicle wrap can help you do. Heads turn, no matter how busy the traffic situation may be, when a wrapped car or truck passes by. They have been noted to improve brand recognition and recall, up to 5x higher than any other traditional print advertising channel. If you are on the move, then you are already ahead of your competitors’ in gathering new audiences every day.

Cost effective promotion, that sticks!

Vehicle wraps in striking designs, printed on large moving vehicles not only easily stand out, but also easily communicate what your brand and business is all about. Car wrap cost while may seem hefty at a glance, are in fact an affordable means of promotion owing to the benefits one can reap from them in the long run. They are a one-time printed product that you can go on to use for a long time, without needing to continuously put in money into it like some other forms of advertising.

Furthermore, it’s good for your brand’s reputation and adds to the trust quotient. Only a sincere organization would put in a printed car wrap and transform an entire vehicle for their promotions. This exhibits that your brand is committed to creating and offering good experiences to your customers and isn’t going to fly-by-the-night, with their money!

Vehicle wraps come varying sizes suitable to different budgets. While most opt for a full-colour vehicle wrap to cover their entire car, partial wraps can also do wonders for the promotion of your business.

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