Cash Reward (For Each Category)

₹ 5,000

    Category 1:

    ARC Document solutions in to the business of Digital Printing, 3D Printing , customized corporate gifts on a business to business model is trying to foray in to the e-commerce online business. Now ! guys idea flows are open to you for the best teaser advertisement creation. It’s a transformation of ARC India with their business services moves ahead with the digital shift of e-commerce company and open to across India & the globe.

    Category 2:

    A female walking in the road on her way she sees a stray dog. Which resembles her pet dog which died few years back. She gets emotional(it should be like crying eyes). She imagines suddenly her pet dog runs towards her and she tries to lift it and becomes a 3D statue on her palm. Now a voice(now a dialogue should play). ARC Brings back life in 3D form…

    Son or daughter holding the photo frame of their father/mother who passed away with a teary eye. she imagines her father/mother walking towards her she gets excited and hugs them it becomes a 3D statue.. 3D brings backs life by ARC

    Category 3:

    Colorful video presentation on all ARC India Products & Services and majorly emphasising on Digital Printing, Signages, Corporate gifts, 3D Printing services

    Category 4:

    Mascot Creative Challenge with / without voice over

    Mascot representation creative for ARC India which should be unique as a brand MASCOT for ARC India

    (.pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx)

    (.pdf, .jpg, .jpeg)


    • Students batch year 2019 onwards from courses on Visual communication / 3D animation / graphic designers
    • Registration of contest on or before 23rd Sep 2021 till 28th Sep 2021 with ARC India website
    • Participants have to submit the proper identity proofs along with a brief bio-data
    • Participants must choose on the above topics that is of interest to them & register with their details and accept the terms & conditions of programs
    • Online submission of every category will be Opened on 29th Sep 2021 & closed on date 2nd Oct 2021 12 midnight
    • Best chosen categories will be selected by ARC India team. ARC India will chose & award solely on this program and no dispute will be entertained in any form
    • Creatives of Best-chosen categories original artworks will be handed over with ARC India & declare as a property of ARC India without any additional benefits apart from the contest challenge reward program
    • Cash rewards will be paid to the best category finalists during the launch day of the event of ARC India which will be announced later post the contest period time