Make print management easy with a reprographics room

Reduce print overheads with ARC’s professional print management. Here’s how ARC’s Print Room works:

Print room setup

You give us a room on-site where we setup our printers and print services with a designated PoC.

Design, print and process

ARC PoC acts as a channel between your company and the ARC team answerable to all queries regarding design, print and supplies.

Easy communications

ARC point of contact will be the single source of all communications. No need to keep track of 100 mails!

One vendor, one invoice

At ARC, there is no third party involved when it comes to generating the invoice for our clients.

Guaranteed job fulfilment

It is our responsibility that the ARC PoC coordinates with the in-house team to offer successful job fulfilment every time.

We do as you say

A feedback system with the designated PoC for feedbacks will make sure we meet your expectations when it comes to print management.

Benefits of in-house print management


Working on a cloud space helps you expand easily with an external print agency in-charge of all the heavy lifting.

Save time and cost

No more overhead costs due to data redundancy with our streamlined print management process.

Transparent pricing

Outsource your bulk print orders and get transparent pricing, single invoice and support of ARC’s technical team.

Training your staff

ARC will help train your company employees on different printed products to prepare them for handling corporate materials.

Simplified process

You don’t have to keep track of multiple suppliers, vendors or different PoC, a single PoC will take care of it all.

Reduce wastage

With a designated in-house print manager, you don’t have to worry about duplicate orders or wastage of supplies.


Globally 200,000+ Customers Trust ARC

From hospitals and universities to restaurants, hotels, and AEC companies, we provide print and document management solutions for all industries and deliver remarkable results every step of the way

Get up to 30% cost savings

Just provide a room with basic workplace amenities and you can enjoy the benefits of single vendor, single invoice and single point of contact at low prices. To know more download the brochure.

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